Custom Tag Labeling

At French Press Custom we offer custom tag labeling or apparel finishing services in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. We provide multiple options when it comes to giving your custom apparel the perfect label finishing. Custom labels or an apparel finishing is one of the most important areas associated with the production process of creating custom branded clothing.

Many of our customers who purchase wholesale custom t-shirts have specific requirements in mind when it comes to how they want to market or label their clothes. At French Press Custom, we understand how important it is to cater to those requirements for all our clients no matter how big or small your job is or whether it’s for a sweater or hat. During our custom tag labeling and apparel finishing stage, we take necessary steps to make sure our standards align perfectly well with customer requirements to ensure 100% satisfaction.

At French Press Custom, our custom tag labeling and apparel finishing process can be split into 4 separate categories:


We can create custom tags that can be printed or sewn in to your apparel as opposed to just another tags. Due to the high list of customizations we receive, custom tagless prints have been more common among brands looking to leave a longer lasting impression as sometimes printed tags can become faded over time.


If your shirts are being sold wholesale to retail outlets then you'll need retail ready tags that display pricing and manufacturer information. For this reason, we provide retail ready tag services incorporated into our one stop solution to help our clients get their products in and out the doors.


Woven labels have graphics and text that are not printed on, but are blended into the tag itself when it's created giving your tag design a smooth overall texture/feel. Companies that have a strong brand tend to attach woven labels to their fashion accessories such as the sleeve or collar. Woven labels come in many different styles, colors, and shapes so if you have a design in mind please contact us.


This is usually the last step that we go through before your products are ready to be shipped out to retailers. In this stage your clothes are folded appropriately and placed inside bags making your clothing accessories ready to be sold to customers.
ATTENTION: By law all printed tags are required to list Country of Origin and Fabric. If you are printing on multiple brands and fabrics, additional tag files will be needed. See the Federal Wool & Trade Act for more information