Woven Labels – FAQ

Woven Labels – FAQ

This is the FAQ section for woven labels, woven patches, woven zipper pulls and other woven items. Cruz Label produces
woven labels for apparel, clothing, footwear, bags, hats and other various fashion and practical products.

Woven Labels Ordering Process

Quote Request

Contact us and request a quote via email or through our online form. All requests are replied to within one business day by one of our sales representatives.

Digital Proof

As soon as you order, a digital proof is provided for your approval. Careful and thorough review of the digital proof is a MUST before signing off for sampling & production.

Sample Production

We produce a FREE physical sample strip for your review. Sampling takes about five business days.


We start production after your approval of the sample. Production typically takes 7-10 business days. Expedite service is available!


We ship production out per your shipping instructions after the balance is paid.

What is your minimum?

Our minimum is 500 pcs for woven labels. Please note that as quantity increases, price per-label decreases. Lower quantities can be a lot more expensive overtime. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

How much do woven labels cost?

Our woven labels are 100% custom-made. The price depends on the size, quantity, colors and your desired turnaround time. Sampling is FREE! We can also expedite your order for an additional charge of $90. This will get your entire woven label production shipped out in 3-4 business days with no sampling. If you require sampling first and also want to expedite sampling, an additional $90 is charged.

Can I have different sizes (i.e., XS, S, M, L, XL) in one order that has the same design?

Yes, we can do size and color splits within your ordering quantity. There is an extra charge for splitting the order up between different sizes and colors, but this will not be considered a whole new order. Please talk to one of our sales reps to see how we can accommodate your needs.

Do you sew on the labels, too?

No, we only provide you with sewing ready labels.

Can you make iron-on woven patches?

Yes, iron-on or heat adhesive woven patches can be applied to garments with a heat press or iron instead of sewing. Please ask one of our sales reps to send you samples for testing since the adhesive works differently on different fabrics.

Can you make a woven patch in any shape?

Yes, there are some shapes that are just not production-friendly, but we would work with you to make your design dreams come true. Please note that for any die cut labels, there is an extra charge.

What is your turnaround time?

Samples typically take 4-6 business days and production typically takes 6-9 business days. Sampling is FREE! We can also expedite your order for an additional charge of $90. This will get your entire woven label production shipped out in 3-5 business days with no sampling. If you require sampling first, this will add another 3-5 business days onto the lead time.

Is there a set-up cost?

No, if you order with us, we provide free samples of uncut, pre-production labels.

Do you match colors?

We don’t guarantee a 100% match due to the differences in materials, but we come very, very close. Provide us with Solid Coated or Uncoated PantoneTM color codes to be matched to your design.

Can you put a special backing on the woven patches?

Yes, we can manufacture with a stick adhesive film, iron-on adhesive, felt backing or velcro backing for an additional fee. This type of application might not be feasible for all products, so please ask a sales rep for assistance.

Can you make a specific part of my design to stand out?

Yes, we can do this by double-weaving the part that needs to stand out. This is charged just like an additional color. And if brightness is important to you, we recommend double weaving the lighter areas in the design. By double weaving, the lighter color has more surface coverage. You can also use lurex threads which give a sparkling effect to your label. Please see this blog article about lurex threads.

How do I know which kind of fold or finish I need?

Start by looking at other garments and the folds/finishes you like in those. Next, talk to the person sewing them in. Different folds are priced differently to sew in, so there may be financial considerations to take into account.

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